eat to beat stress

Eat To Beat Stress

Stress is a huge factor in relation to illness. High levels of cortisol weaken the immune system leaving the body open to infections, viruses and can lead to depression.

Eating the right food can combat many of these issues and provide additional benefits from increasing energy to lowering blood pressure and improving skin conditions. We need to be eating foods that are stabilisers unlike many of the comfort foods we tend to reach for when we’re anxious, upset or depressed.

eat to beat stressHere’s 6 of what I’d like to think are Mother Natures natural medicines.


When we're stressed our metabolism speeds up, reducing our potassium levels. A balance of sodium and potassium is important for your body's electrolyte functions. Potassium is vital for the normal function cells tissues and organs and can lower blood pressure to a healthy level. 


Another source of potassium, this fruit is also packed with healthy fats which is a source of oleic acid or Omega-9, this has been proven to reduce inflammation, a cause of some major fatal diseases.It's also used in skincare to nourish the skin and known to lower cholesterol. So you see, smashed avocado on toast is WAY more than just a good insta breakfast. Especially if you have it on wholegrain and add a little lemon and chilli! .


Packed with anti-oxidants it's a good source of Vitamin B6 which helps the body manufacture the hormone insulin. Vitamin B6 is required to convert the amino acid tryptophan into niacin, symptoms of deficiency of niacin includes weakness, fatigue, irritability, anxiety and depression. So as you can see it's important to add these good carbs to your diet.


This vegetable contains folic acid, which increases the levels of the happy hormone serotonin .It also is packed with Vitamin C which helps the absorption of iron and acts as an antioxidant by enabling white blood cells to break down bacteria.


A powerful antibiotic, it balances blood pressure and improves mood. Has shown to significantly reduce oxidative stress in those with high blood pressure. Its antibacterial properties help when fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi. 


A proven antioxidant that contains folate and Vitamin C which fights the effects of stress. They neutralise some of the free radicals that cause DNA damage. Folate cannot be made by the body so therefore must come from food. It’s vital for normal growth and development and may help prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure.

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