Easy Festival Hair

Hair maestro’s Paul Percival & Adam Reed have been dressing the barnets of celebrities for years and now that they have their own range re-creating the A-Lister locks couldn’t be easier. Co-creator Paul Percival explains how to get great looking hair for festival even after 3 days without washing. Take inspiration from some of the fashionable festival regulars Kate Moss and Sienner Miller. Their natural, dishevelled looking hair is simple to achieve with Percy & Reeds texturising spray and dry shampoo but why not try braids too.

Paul’s advice

Beautiful Braids…
‘Sienna Miller and Kate Moss do great festival hair, it’s always really relaxed but stylish. Low maintenance
styles such as braids are brilliant as once they are done they stay in for a long time but look great. A fantastic tip
for a braid is to spray dry shampoo into the hair, this gives fine hair more grip and is a great way to hide the
dirt. Wear them down or pin on the crown of your head and secure with pins for a style that will last all day
Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo 150ml £12

Flirty Fishtails…
‘A great tip for a braid is to spray a brush with hairspray and gently back-brush the hair. Separate the hair into
two sections. Twist the outer section of each towards the middle and repeat with the opposite side, always
keeping the same amount in each. Follow through all the way down the hair. It’s perfect when all your
hairbands have disappeared as you simply back-brush the hair to keep the plait in place!’
Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray 250ml £12

You can purchase small trail sizes separately but it’s so much more cost-effective to buy the kits, try the Percy & Reed Quintessential Quick Fix Collection for £24 at Space NK