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Budget Beauty: Primark

Once upon a time you could only get makeup from specialist counters in department stores, which then filtered down into drugstores and pharmacies, now you’ll find makeup anywhere with supermarkets and clothing stores holding their own lines.
Primark has their own range of beauty which covers nails, body scrubs, hair and of course makeup. Whilst it’s not going to be big on quality it’s a good option for those looking for inexpensive products. I picked up a few things all for under £10 to see if it’s worth spending your moola on cheap or saving a few extra pounds for something a little more pricey.

The exact price of all these including the cute makeup bag was £8.50 ! some items weren’t the best whilst others were good options, let’s look at the breakdown.

Makeup bag: Came in a variety of designs for £3 which I thought was a great idea for gifts, it’s quite roomy and looks more expensive.

Mascara: For £1 I didn’t expect much and didn’t really get much, I isn’t a fan of the formula but the wand isn’t too bad. I feel you will get lots of transfer with this especially if you suffer with the dreaded under eye smudge.

Eyeliner Pencil Duo + Sharpener: So I had the least hopes for this at £1.50 but it turns out they’re pretty darn good for 75p each. You get 2 pencils in the pack which have a good amount of pigment and quite soft making smoky eyes easy. The bonus is that they come with a pencil sharpener too! best of the bunch I’d say

Lip Crayon: Another £1.50 special, this time is wasn’t as great as the eye liner. Little pigment and more of a glossy balm. Not my thing but may suit those at school or who prefer natural lip products.

Felt Eyeliner Pen:I’ve tried pen eyeliners from expensive brands that have been a let down so I had no clue what to expect from this fella. The pigment wasn’t as rich and dark as say my beloved By Terry but it still does the job, even if you have to go over again. The nib is quite sturdy which helps when creating the cat eye. For £1.50 I’d say it’s worth a shot.

They have shower bubbles (shown) and nail polish remover tubs – think Bourjois pink one for £1 which is great if you’re strapped for cash.

OVERALL: If you’re not fussed on longevity or just looking for bargain beauty these are great. If you want more pigment and more staying power these aren’t for you. I’d buy the eye pencils again but probably give the rest a miss.

What’s your verdict?



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