Rimmel Brow This Way Review


Brows, they’ve become an obsession. Sure they’ve always been the fundamental frame to our faces, and can make or break a makeup look, but despite the vast amount of products available now some are still drawing them on like Penny Crayon, and there’s a much subtler way that will colour, lift and hold them. Think of it as a brow bra!

I’m talking about tinted brow gels. They’re not new but finding a one that is both good and inexpensive is more difficult. The Benfit Gimme Brow is a favourite but many say too expensive for how long it DOESN’T last. The Maybeline one is good but the brush is too big, I’ve found one that is in the drugstore price range with the qualities of its more expensive sister. I’m talking about Rimmel Brow This Way.,


This has become my kit and handbag essential, I mean I can go out without makeup and feel fine about it, but having blonde brows means my face looks longer than the Tyne without some shade and structure. I found this adds the perfect amount of colour for me,usually I have to use powder as well as my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil but in the above I just used the latter and slicked on this gel in dark  brown, voilà. Naturally groomed eyebrows.




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