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Lancôme Dream Tone is here!! I haven’t been this excited about a skincare launch in a long time, the reason? Lancôme have made a new scientific discovery that changes they way we’ve been looking at the skin. After extensive studies in over 19 countries, involving over 10,000 women they found all skin colours can’t be treat the same when it comes to targeting dark spots and creating even colour and found there were no less than 64 different skin shades!
L’Oreal carried out research in China, The USA and France to find that wrinkles weren’t the primary issue when it came to skin worries, the main concern was skin tone – which is used to describe its colour and the evenness of that colour as we associate youthfulness with bright even skin. As we age the skin goes through changes which vary depending on skin colour, such as a tendency to redness in fair skin, sallowness in medium skin and purplish blemishes in darker skin however many ageing signs can be found in all skin colours and types. The women questioned told them, a dream tone would mean not having to wear makeup to cover up differences in pigmentation across their face, from dark circles to blemishes.

lancome dream tone

So how does it work?

The complex science is that they found dark spots don’t just occur within the Epidermis (upper layer of the skin) as first thought. It was first thought dark spots were a result of too much melanin in a concentrated area in the Epidermis but under the epilumescent microscope they found skin pigmentation is actually engineered by fibroblasts in the dermis (mid cushion like layer )

With their new vision Lancome’s research team then set forth to develop skincare tailored to each of the 3 different pigmentation profiles – gets jazzy here

Core ingredients

HPPA (HYDROXYPHENOXY PRPIONIC ACID) – a derivative of hydroquinone. The hydroxy acid part is the ingredient provides an exfoliating benefit. It also helps reduce the amount of melanin being transferred from the melanocytes to the keratinocytes.
Explained – HPPA is an ingredient used in many skin lightening products but in different quantities. The product works but reducing the production of melanin (the stuff than makes you tan) but the acid part is also slightly exfoliating, acids work better at exfoliating as they remove dead skin evenly unlike traditional kernal scrubs.

PRO-XYLANE is a derivative based on xylose sugar. It improves the quality and strengthens the dermal-epidermal juction.It helps reduce the hyperpigmentation seen in the epidermis via improvements at the fibriblast levelling the upper dermis
Explained – The skin has 3 basic main layers the Epidermis (top) dermis (mid) hypodermis (lower) as we age the connection between the top and cushiony mid layer of the skin flattens and the line between the two resembles a loose wavy line but in age spots the line is almost accordion like which clusters the pigment together.

is a tertrapeptide for skin soothing benefits.These ingredients are aimed at restoring epidermal homeostasis, supporting the dermal-epidermal junction, reshaping the architecture of the dermis and fighting against the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress revealed by the omic studies.
Explained – This is aimed to keep the skin working effectively, supporting the join between the upper and mid part of the skin and making sure the cells can detoxify and repair damage as normal.

In addition each skin tone profile requires different ingredients to not only treat the dark spots but other common characteristics of the skin colours.

Primary goal in all profiles is Pigmentation correction, then in equal measures were uniformity and specific skin tone disorders so less look at what they offer.

1 – Fair Skin: Micro Seaweed Extract to help vascular changes which causes redness.

2 – Medium Skin: Maitake Extract to fight against sallowing of the skin tone.

3 – Dark Skin: Salicylic Acid Derivative to target blemish marks. Let me explain this one a bit, usually darker skin tones develop dark blemishes so the salicylic acid encourages the skin cells to shed quicker promoting new skin and also neutralises bacteria. It’s often used in spot treatments.

These three non-tinted light diffusing agents are used to improve skin’s texture, radiance and correct discolouration.

  • Pearly reflecting agents that instantly enlighten the skin tone.
  • Composite pink and copper coloured pigments that improve the homogeneity and uniformity of the skin
  • Light diffusing particles, that enhance transparency and sublimate the hue of the skin.

Dreamtone* is RRP £69.00 for 40ml and available nationwide from 1st September 2013, if you’re in the North East UK pop into the Lancôme counter in Fenwicks Newcastle.

I’ve used this for 2 days so can’t give a review but the consistency is beautiful, it’s not like a watery or oily serum it’s more of a gel. It feels cool on the skin and feels hydrating. It sinks in but doesn’t leave lots of residue. I love the scent, it’s a mild floral fragrance and reminds me a lot of the ByTerry products in the quality and rose scent.

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    I have fair skin but skin problems that are associated with #3 Dark Skin. Which type should I buy?

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    Hi when will you write the full review on this?


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