Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

I was on the look out for a new cleansing balm, having previously loved the Eve Lom I went in search of a more affordable version. This proved harder than I thought as even though I was in a huge skincare section of a department store I felt all on offer was a sea of cleansing milks, waters and foaming washes.

Having tried and tested various cleaners I feel oils and balms work best for me, the cleansing washes make my skin feel irritated and tight and normally dry my skin out with leads to my skin going oily in some areas and scaly in others. This is the typical nature of unbalanced skin and usually means you need to use more calming, gentle skincare.

After around 20 minuted of weaving in and out the isles I finally found the Botanics range and noticed they had a cleansing balm! one of those can’t see the wood for the trees things. Or in this case can’t see the good stuff for the gimmicky crap.

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With a quick scan of the ingredients I realised it could probably act as a skin and purse friendly purchase so off I popped to the till. Like the Eve Lom it comes with a muslin cloth, why do you need one? it acts as a gentle daily ex foliation and gives skin a deeper clean.

Balm cleansers may not be for everyone, some people like that squeaky clean feeling but that usually means you’ve stripped the oils from the surface hence why it feels tight and a little pulled. This balm leaves your skin feeling like there’s a little moisture left on which will be a mixture of the Shea Butter and oils -all great for the skin.

97% organic

It says to avoid the eye area but I tested it and it was OK. As there’s citrus oils in this it may sting so that’s why I guess they say avoid.

How to use.

I use it on an evening to remove the days pollution, sweat (sorry perspiration) and makeup. All the rubbish that ages skin and causes blocked pores. A deep clean at night is ESSENTIAL. If you only wash your face once a day (god knows why) then make it an evening. You can use it on a morning too but I find as I’ve cleansed thoroughly during the night I just need to use my L’Oreal Micellar solution to remove any secretions and any excess moisturiser.

Take a small pea sized amount and rub on fingertips (not hands) so both have some on them plus it’s solid so needs a little warming then massage the product around the nose, mouth and cheeks and pull gently towards the temple. Repeat a few times. Next work on the forehead in small circular movements going left to right then with the middle fingers alternate in a lifting motion on brows and the elevens. This is a tiny little massage I do when using the balm, it helps with circulation and drainage. It takes about 1 minute then get the cloth and hold under hot water, wring and place on the face like a mask then press into the skin and again do slight circular motions but this time the cloth is exfoliating so concentrate on the sides of the nose and cheeks. Wipe of the excess balm until all the make-up has gone and the face is clean

The cloth – Use for 2 days then pop in the washing machine, don’t use this for days on end. It’s like keeping your makeup remover pads and using them day after day.


So far after 3 days I’m feeling good with it, my skin looks glowing and radiant without makeup on and for the price I can afford to purchase this monthly if I want but I reckon this will last me around 2-3.

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  • Kelly

    You completely sold me on is, popping into Boots today!

    Kelly | secondhandspring

    • Thanks Kelly, did you get any? what’s your thoughts? xx

  • Tara

    This is an awesome product! It is like pampering yourself and relaxing while receiving a deep clean from toxins from other products (makeup and free raticals) all at an affordable price. IF YOU LIVE IN THE JERSEY CITY NJ. AREA..STOP AT WALGREENS ON COMMUNIPAW AND THE BLVD. Its 20 percent off which makes the price GREAT..AND YOU CAN CHECK THE OTHER great boots products out!


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