blog and youtube organisation

Blog and YouTube Organisation Tips

blog and youtube organisation

Staying motivated and organised is one of the hardest things when it comes to creating content for YouTube and your blog. Endless sheets of paper and to do lists were piling up and my unnecessary bundle of notepads just weren’t doing their job. Mess is what causes frustration and frustration leads to becoming deflated which then turns into doubt and wanting change.

It’s easy to become the fly trapped in the tangled web that is the stationary store, but like Biggie said “mo notepads mo problems…” ok he didn’t say that but you see the issue. There becomes more ‘things’ on the desk and more places to write things down instead of one comprehensive bible of lists, videos to do, posts to write and people you need to contact.

I wanted create the filofax to rival all filofaxes, basically my online life in one place, so created one.

Here’s the breakdown

Dividers are essential for creating the important sections, the parent category. I have the A5 Filofax here which came with the dividers labelled 1-6. Origionally I had put a label on the cover of the first divider listing what each number refers to, so 1 = YouTube, 2 = Blog so on. This became difficult as I kept forgetting and needed to check my reference. I didn’t want to write straight on incase I want to change the parent name or order so took some washi tape (which is low tack and is textured so you can write on it) and placed it over the numbers. It’s also very easy to remove and looks more decorative.

blog and youtube organisation

The next step was the sub categories.

For this I created my own dividers with coloured tabs that refer to each parent category. In my Youtube section I cover a few topics so wanted to write down my ideas for each type of video I do or want to do. I even have a request section.
The tabs are stuck to a separate page then if that page becomes full I can insert another and transfer the tab over to the new page as again it is low tack.

blog and youtube organisation

I then do the same for my blog section and and also any other sections I think need breaking up.

blog and youtube organisation

This makes life easier for me as I can navigate straight to the page I want.  I also created a section for PR, as I needed to keep a list of those I speak to a lot with the brands they work for etc as there’s lots of PR who have similar names and I’ve made a couple of errors in email!

I also have dedicated partitions for my lists, products and to-dos. Now being a professional list maker I find I’m great at making them but terrible at finding them, so now have a place to keep them handy. These lists include what I want to buy, blogs or influential people I love, places I want to go and so on. Keep your goals in there too. These are an important list to make!

My to-do has all my important jobs and also future things to do, my product list is a never ending page of things I buy and that are sent, which need writing about. This list keeps me on top of my spending as I look at the page to remind me I am buying quicker than I can blog.

Of course in here is also my diary, address book and the obligatory doodles. 

youtube and blog organisation

I still like to have a overview of my week so I have this weekly desk pad so I can see at a glance what I have to do and where I have to be. I usually write which videos are going up, what I’m filming and the blog posts going live, but hadn’t finished writing it all on for the week ahead.

So as you can see it’s become a fairly clutter free desk and as they say a clear space a clear mind!

The pens were purchased from MUJI (I have a great makeup organisation coming up using this brand) the Filofax was from Staples, the tabs from Rymans and the desk pad and washi tape from Paperchase.

I hope you found this useful, I’d love to know your organisation tips!








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