bleach london awkward peach

Bleach London Awkward Peach

bleach london awkward peach

So I made the journey from brunette to blonde whilst being able to keep most of my hair. WIN. Thing is it was a right quest, because I tried to do it as gently as possible it took months and went through the shit orangey stage – pardon my language.

I hummed and harred about peach and must have mentioned it to about 8 people I’d just met at Summer in the City. (Pure desperado) so bought the Bleach London Awkward Peach before my holidays, but never used it…

So to cut a long story short, my hair went a little green on holiday because of the pool ,so I took some knowledge from my college days and decided pink will probably tone down the green. Turned to the bottle (not the vod!) and put it on.

Now, the reason I was cautious  is because so many people online had said their hair went pink, I didn’t want pink you see, it was peach, peach I wanted. The Awkward in the Awkward Peach is down to the pink shade, have you ever looked at a peach though? it’s never just one shade so I guess it’s not that awkward.

When you apply this to your towel dried hair you will notice it goes from the pastel orange straight to a bubblegum pink, hang in there though as this is a sneaky layer. After leaving mine on 30 mins I washed it out to reveal more of a pastel peach shade. It’s been washed twice since and still has a very slight tinge. Watch the video for more details, oh and it would be lovely if you subscribe.

Who likes these chatty posts by the way?

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