Medusa Makeup Brush Cleaner

Whether you’re a professional make-up artist or a general make-up wearer you will know the bane that is ‘brush cleaning day’ It’s the shear tediousness of standing washing each brush separately then having to scrub a scummy sink afterwards that makes me hate it.

Of course everyone might not have the same method but it seems quite a few people I know clean the brushes in the sink with baby shampoo which is soft but for me leaves loads of bubbles and leaves the sink a mess.

Today I tried some brush cleaner for the first time, I have had the Medusa’s Make-up brush cleaner for ages but for some reason never used it – silly mistake.

This tiny bottle means business!

1-It cleans in seconds
2-Less water
3-Less mess
4-Shorter drying time

I placed 3 drops of solution in a jug with around 300ml of warm water. I submerged the bristles in the water and swirled around in the jug for a few seconds and like some kind of miracle it was clean. I had a brush with red pigment on and it took a quick swirl pat on the towel and re-swirl before it was clean!

I cleaned around 11 brushes in less than 5 minutes and placed them on a flat on a towel next to the radiator to dry which took less than an hour.

NEVER – Submerge the metal part of the brush as it will separate the wooden handle, only dip the bristles into water.
NEVER – Stand the brushes in a pot to dry after cleaning. If the bristles are facing the ceiling water will get trapped in the metal section and may loosen bristles or the handle. Putting brushes in pots facing down will ruin the shape of the brush.

I always reshape my brushes after cleaning then lie them on their side.

PLEASE NOTE – I just thought I’d add that as commented below I usually wash my brushes the night before a client then give a quick wipe over with MAC brush cleaner before I do the make-up. I wouldn’t just use either one on their own as even though the MAC brush cleaner is anti bacterial is sometimes doesn’t get the brushes really clean. As Andrea mentioned baby shampoo only cleans brushes and doesn’t disinfect so make sure you give them a wipe with a disinfecting cleanser prior to use.

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  • I totalllllllllllly agree I got this on a whim wanting to try it and i love it!! it does such a great job!!

  • Andrea

    I hope that you weren’t exclusively using baby shampoo before – that will not do anything other than get them looking clean, it is not anti bacterial so your brushes are not safe to use on other people.


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