Audrey Hepburn The 60s Book

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I enjoy a good book however I’ve never been much of a dedicated reader. I have never been able to sit and read a book every night due to time and boredom. I do however love a good lifestyle, fashion, beauty and history book. You could say I like to read facts and learn rather than immerse myself into fiction. It’s a little sad as I know there’s amazing books out there but I know I’ll read 2-3 chapters then not read it again for weeks and by then I’m like what the hell is going on in this story again?

One of the best books I have received in a long time is Audrey The 60s*, this is a publication by Aurum Press and features some of the most beautiful unseen images of Audrey Hepburn, along with the hugely iconic ones from Breakfast at Tiffanys etc.

Here’s a peek at some of the images

This book left me even more in love with Audrey. It shows her beautiful imperfections her wit and sense of humour, the actor who she worked with on a film talks about how her flaws made her the most stunning woman alive, it brings you down to Earth and realise we don’t live in a Barbie factory, we don’t all have big eyes, small noses, pouty lips and tiny frames. Those quirky features can give us individuality, identity and beauty. Looking at things as a separate entity can look peculiar but together can look stunning. Audrey you are my hero!

I would love to thank David Wills for creating such a beautiful book and giving us an insight into the wonderful life of Audrey.

A must buy for any age, any gender and for any occassion.

Read more about this book at Aurum Press uk