How To Avoid Prickly Heat This Summer

Do you suffer from prickly heat during sun exposure? My mother has experienced this awful skin ailment on every holiday she has been on but what is it? why do we get it? and how can we prevent it?

Basically Maliaria Rubra known as Pricky Heat is caused when the pores leading to the sweat gland duct become blocked. The body’s natural defence when we over heat is to sweat so it keeps secreting the fluid causing the blocked pore to become red, swollen and itchy.

Pores can become blocked with heavy or incorrect creams and lotions, the traditional sunscreens act like a film protecting the skin from UV which is where some issues can lie. As the skin is being protected from UV rays it doesn’t fully realise that it needs to defend itself (by preparing the melanin) but sends signals to the sweat gland that the body is hot and if those pores are blocked Pricky Heat occurs.

Institiut Esthederm phot cellular care uses an innovative technology called UV inCellum technology and in my best intreturpiton of this I can only best describe it as a product that works with the bodys own natural defences. It blocks out the harmful rays (UVA & UVB) but allows the safer rays to reach the skin so that the it understands that it is being exposed so sunlight so in turn encourages the melanin to the surface. What I like about this is that you are working with your own body’s biology so your body will only create the amount of melanin needed for your skin naturally and by filtering out the harmful rays you’re reducing the level of damage which causes premature ageing.

I have clients who use this and absolutely swear by it, one lady who visits countries of high temperatures said she has never once had prickly heat since using this and told me she never burns (please use it as advised).
She even showed me her watch strap mark and I couldn’t believe the difference in colour. So incase you may have thought this was a sun block it’s not, in effect it’s a re-education for the skin perfect for sun intolerance.

This is a 150ml bottle so don’t pack it in your hand luggage as it will be removed, I have been advised that this will last up to 2 weeks for one person if you are going on holiday. You do need to re-apply every hour and after swimming.

You can purchase this online and in store at Space NK or at