Ask The Pro’s Your Skincare Questions

As you may know if you read my site is that I am obsessed with skincare, as a qualified Beauty Therapist I have a great appreciation of the wondrous components that make up this organ and the process it goes through to protect us and keep us healthy.

I like to understand everything and love nothing more than reading about new innovative skin technology and maybe more so the holistic approaches to beauty. I do believe that lifestyle plays a huge part on our skin from inside out, the richest people don’t have the best skin and the poorest don’t have the worst. Stress is a huge factor in skin health, without realising the body produces many chemicals. Some help some may hinder skin, with all the brands and long complicated ingredient lists what is best for us? Are the more expensive products the best? are the cheapest doing anything for us? why do brands use Lanolin?

I want to ask all the questions and thankfully I have the opportunity to do just that TOMORROW. I will be quizzing Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting and Johnson and Johnson Research and Development Expert Georgios Stamatas.

Please get your questions in, I will have 15 minutes with these professionals so want to ask the best and most asked questions.