Alpha H instant facial

I’m always asked about my skin and advice on the best skincare. Honestly if you’d told me at 16 people would be asking ME for skincare advice I would have laughed. My skin was terrible as a youth and mid-way into my twenties. I still have scars which are noticeable in the harsh afternoon light but for the most part now my skin is clear.

ALPHA H instant facial

My biggest regret is ever using sun beds, I’m glad my passion for healthy skin was greater than the need for a tanned complexion, subsequently stopping the addiction quite early and becoming meticulous with a skincare routine. The hardest part is finding products that work with you, especially if you have sensitive skin or acne as lots of products can irritate and block pores. The main misconception is that moisturising oily skin causes spots. If you use comedogenic products (ingredients that block the pores) then yes that can happen but stripping skin with harsh chemicals and not adding moisture causes the skin to become a confused overworked mess.

Aside from moisturising,  deep cleansing and exfoliation has to be my no1 must, there’s no point applying your Crème de la Mer on skin that is still congested with the day’s makeup. And there’s no use blaming your expensive night serum for not working if you haven’t exfoliated in, god knows how long. You see think of it like a cake, you want the syrup to soak into the sponge but you have a layer of icing on top. Sure it might eventually make it’s way to the sponge layer but by the then it’s mostly been absorbed by the icing. Same for the skin, if it still has remnants of makeup, dirt or dead skin then you’re wasting your time with the expensive products.

Go back to basics and help the skin a little, we know that as we age desquamation (shedding of the skin) slows down so skin appears courser and less radiant. I’ve left the traditional exfoliators in favour for the acids which are gentle enough to be used daily. You don’t have to spend hours in beauty prep or go to the salon to indulge in facials every week. There’s products like the Alpha H instant facialthat is a mini facial in a couple of sprays. The powerful ingredients work to give the skin the radiance you would get from microdermabrasion minus the abrasive treatment or necessary down time. This unique blend of botanical extracts reduce redness and skin pigmentation as well as increasing moisture levels and plumping out fine lines.

The beauty about this product is that you can use it morning and night as part of your skincare regime and it doesn’t have to be rationed to once a week as a luxury. Of course make sure you cleanse thoroughly prior to this to get maximum benefits. I like to double cleanse just to make sure! It may tingle for a second but then it disappears,  and the best part?  skin doesn’t feel tight or irritated after. You can even forgo the usual serum and moisturiser to let it continue its work and as it adds moisture skin won’t be left feeling dry.

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