3 Steps To Being An Organised Blogger

3 Steps To Being An Organised Blogger


When work and life commitments start to become overwhelming it’s time to step back and gain control. Recently I’ve felt like I no longer have tight reign of things and it’s causing major stress. A new baby due in 10 weeks, building work and being a self employed mother is becoming HARD. So here’s what I do to stay organised through all the chaos.

Empty Your Mind

Sounds a little drastic but you can’t focus with all those thoughts distracting or stressing you. Emptying your mind allows you to have clarity and think more clearly about situations, work or ideas.

When I have to much going on I write it all down, I have to otherwise I feel overwhelmed, anxious and confused. Here’s how I do it.

Take pieces of paper and title them relevant to the subjects of the thoughts you have stored and underneath


  • Order kitchen units by the 30th
  • Contact the guy for easigrass
  • Get Rez to cap of the gas pipe in the kitchen
  • Ask dad for the drill for the hanging basket
  • Clean out the shed

Baby List

  • Print off the checklist (on the Mac)
  • Look into skincare brands
  • Order the rug and chair
  • Make the planters


  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty -Lipsticks photographed need to blog / Charlotte Tilbury
  • Style


  • Video ideas
  • Current Collaborations(The brands I’m currently working with, deadlines and if I’ve invoiced)

Now that you have everything you’ve been trying to store in your mind written down you can organise it into order of importance.

Calendar Entry

The calendar is my best friend, I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it and have no idea how people work without one. I put everything in there, appointments, events, meetings and what I have to do work wise.

It’s like my PA.

I organise in advance, so firstly I enter all my important data like midwife appointments, building work, school holidays – basically all stuff that I must work around. Then I’ll schedule my work, starting with any brand collaborations so, deadlines, when something needs to go live, when the embargo has been lifted etc I’ll also add what blog post or video is to be done in the relevant days.

My videos go live the beginning of the week So I’ll have FILM on Wednesday and BLOG on the days I need to write my blogposts.

Lastly are things like events, I used to put huge amounts of pressure on myself to attend them, I would change my schedule to fit around them or put myself out with very little in return. I’ve paid huge travel fees and spent time on coverage only to be overlooked for people who have zero relevance to a brand, so now I’m very selective and if I feel it disrupts my schedule too much I politely decline.

However, if there’s something that I can’t miss, for example, work or family arrangements I’ll try work extra to get things completed.

The To Do List

There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off those items in your to do list. You might be reading this thinking it’s a lot of preparation but there’s a saying that couldn’t be more true.

Fail to Prepare

Prepare to Fail.

I like information fast, if I think ‘what do I have going on, on the 28th?‘ I want to know there and then. On an evening I write my to do list for the next day,this is everything from making appointments to food shopping

  • Call Barrie
  • Take blog post photos
  • Edit videos
  • Reply to emails

Then come the morning I go to my office look at my list and focus straight away. How many of us procrastinate? Loads I bet. If I don’t have some kind of list in front of me telling me what to do then I waste time online or social media. Save those things for your breaks!

The aim is to finish the day feeling satisfied you’ve completed all or most of the essentials then have free time or even free days to do whatever you like.






What I’m Wearing

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  • Great post! I always start to feel overwhelmed at this time of year because of holidays and trips taking up time and needing to prepare content to keep my site ticking over whilst I’m away – I cannot imagine how you feel with how much you have going on! Great post!

    Emma |


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