3 security tools to stay safe online

3 Security Tools You Need To Stay Safe Online

3 security tools to stay safe online

Today I’m sharing 3 tools I currently use to stay secure online to protect my site, my computer and my passwords. They’ve not only helped tremendously with security but also improved my time management, confidence and efficiency online.


I was introduced to this by fellow blogger Ruth Crilly after my site was being repeatedly hacked last year. Myself and my host provider spent way longer than necessary figuring out the issues, deleting plugins, re-installing the site to a previous time, looking at broken code, all to no avail.

I signed up to Securi which was around £90 for the year, they found the issue within an hour and removed the problem, which, ended up being malware in an old broken theme template that I was no longer using. The hacker was entering my site through the part of that theme that was no longer secure. Which reminds me, ALWAYS update your software (plugging, themes etc) to keep the security up to date.

Securi scans your site daily for any suspicious activity and malware and will alert you immediately with any issues. They also send weekly reports with blacklist and changes warnings. I have also set up an email alert to let me know every time my site is accessed using the admin panel.

It’s worth every penny and more in my eyes and I will definitely continue to use them for the foreseeable future




“Sophos is a developer and vendor of computer security software and hardware, providing communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security and mobile security as well as unified threat management products.” wikipedia

I, (alongside others it seems) believed that unlike Windows, MAC’s didn’t need software protection when online, I somehow assumed it was installed. Very wrong. Sophos works by scanning files and folders on your MAC for threats. When online Trojans can be on your computer to preform a number of destructive activities including stealing banking info and deleting data. Sophos identifies any files designed to be a threat and gives you the option to remove them.

Visit Sophos Ltd


Last Pass

I stumbled across this whilst on youTube believe it or not, I was watching a video on website security and this came up. Last pass is a password management control and works by saving all of your passwords and encrypting them so they can’t be stolen when logging into one of your accounts. They explained it like scrambling the information as it’s passed through the internet so any hackers in the area can’t pick up the password as it’s travelling! They also generate strong password combinations and save them for you so you don’t have to try remember them or have them insecurely stored in your phone! (a previous guilty charge)

You only need to remember the initial password to log into Last Pass and it keeps a secure vault of every site you have added, you can place these in folders like I have, there’s one for social, i.e Instagram, Twitter etc, one for shopping so ASOS, Misguided etc, which are all stored together.

When you go onto a site you’ve stored there’s a little asterix which you can click and auto fill all of your login details so it’s a big time saver. They’re also on mobile so you can check your passwords on the go and make changes if you get security alerts on any of your sites or services.

You can also store important information like banking details, Passport information, flight numbers etc so if you do lose your belongings you still have some info available.

I still keep a book of passwords as an extra safety precaution however it stays hidden now, I haven’t needed it once since using Last Pass and it’s saved me a huge amount of time and stress.


I hope some of these are of help especially to fellow novices like me, have you tried any of these?

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