May 2016

2 It's true that if you think about something so much it eventually manifests. This certainly proved to be true for myself recently when I had the opportunity to meet one of my makeup heroes and legend that is Charlotte Tilbury!

How to Fix Damaged Hair How I colour my hair and what products I use are the most frequently asked questions on my instagram. I have people all over the World asking what silver it is and how I keep it looking healthy.

3 Of The Best Nude Lipsticks Right Now! The weather maybe heating up but it doesn't mean you have to join the bright lips club, unless you want to of course! Nude lipsticks are perfect to wear all year long, they pair beautifully with sultry smoked out eyes or the blue "trend" which seems to be hot on the eyes right now. A good nude doesn't intimidate, no, not even the beauty virgins. The right shade can enhance or disguise uneven lips but, as I've found after years of being a Makeup Artist that finding the right nude is harder than you think.

7 When work and life commitments start to become overwhelming it's time to step back and gain control. Recently I've felt like I no longer have tight reign of things and it's causing major stress. A new baby due in 10 weeks, building work and being a self employed mother is becoming HARD. So here's what I do to stay organised through all the chaos.

5 The last couple of weeks I have grown quickly and can no longer use my hair tie method on my trusty jeans so maternity it is. Having had my first child almost 7 and a half years ago I have nothing but miserable memories of my quest into finding suitable attire to dress my bump. The maternity selection was either well made but premium or high-street and diabolical. Not every pregnant woman wants floaty "mom" dresses or extra pleats that add an extra 7 inches to your silhouette.

aveeno At the start of last week I started the 'Inside & Oat' challenge with Aveeno to try their holistic lifestyle for one week. This involved swapping my body wash and moisturisers for Aveeno products and cooking nutritious meals with alkaline chef Natasha Corrett. I already own her Honestly Healthy Cleanse book which I would gain inspiration from pre-pregnancy so knew I'd enjoy cooking her recipes.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Today La Roche-Posay have opened the waiting list for the highly anticipated the My UV Patch, a first in suncare smart technology. This new innovation helps consumers measure UV exposure & assist them to better protect themselves from the damages of UV rays. You can now register to the waiting list to be sent a patch of your own. Head over to to grab one. This insanely clever patch works alongside the My UV Patch mobile app to scan the patch and provide information and advice based on your own personal data such as when to re-apply sun cream depending on your location, weather and skin type etc.