July 2015

suited and booted It's been a long time since I wore a skirt that wasn't a pencil skirt, I love a dress of all lengths but I struggle with mini skirts that fit my short frame. Thankfully I still had this leather mini my mam gave me over 11 years ago, it still had the tags and she'd had it years so it's crazy that I've only just got around to wearing it myself. I think it needs some love!

5 days of style The French seem to have it down when it comes to dressing, that undeniably effortless style that oozes confidence, personality and edge. That nonchalant approach that some how feels well thought out and meticulously planned. I was challenged by La Redoute to style 5 essential items (as voted for by French fashionistas) into interchangeable outfits over 5 days. Accepting the challenge I took the key pieces which, I would regard as wardrobe essentials myself, and created a lookbook of outfits I'd wear for various occasions from meetings to events and social gatherings.

BOOHOO Balance. One of the most important elements in life, it covers all areas, and if achieved correctly creates perfect harmony. In fashion balance is of visual proportions, we've all heard the rule (hate that word) boobs or legs. Truth is you can wear what you like and feel comfortable in, style is an expression. I like plunging necklines but I'd feel a little too exposed with bare legs and arms.

BIRCHBOX JULY 2015 This months Birchbox is a special vibrant holiday edition. The usual drawstring bag has been replaced by a choice of 4 colourful splash proof clutches, perfect for keeping personal possessions dry whilst poolside.

Throwback This is a throwback to 80s kid in me who became a teen in the 90s and spent the 00s dancing to Aaliyah and JLo. A mixture of decades that each had a distinctive style yet when I think about it were still quite cohesive in the way they were very sporty and urban.