January 2015

  NB4 I writing this from a hotel room in London with terrible wifi, so may need to cut it short as it is determined to kick me out. I've had a few meetings and events to attend, which has required me to stay in London most the week - hence the lack of posts. I do however have a new video review on the brand new Real Techniques BOLD METALS collection which you can watch on my channel YouTube/CarlyMusleh. An emerging trend for S/S 15 as seen on the Runway, was the negative space nail art. This is where a natural part of the nail is left, either, around the sides, through the middle or in geometry shapes as seen on Kye. This can be used with a bare nail underneath or the illusion of a nail base as I have done using a nude nail polish. I re-created the runway look at Kye as I was incredibly inspired by the design. As a fan of simple nails I tend to think nail art looks fabulous on other people just not on me, however, as a devotee to monochrome, this seems to work.

navy I thought the desire to wear one shade head to toe, or even just navy would have waded by now.No, neither. So here it is a combination of the two, a mixture of fitted and extremely oversized with pin hugging over-the-knee boots by Missguided and an over sized sweater dress from River Island. The dress was purchased 4 years ago right after reading Vogue and seeing a Chloe dress that looked so huge it was borderline ridiculous, of course this made me want it more. The exaggerated silhouette screams Michelin man but showing a hint of leg breaks up the shade and adds a little Beyonce to an otherwise sack of a dress.

speedflex We're all familiar with the concept of regular run-of-the-mill gyms, you turn up, often wait for machines, do the same routine (unless you're an experienced) and expect big changes. Now is the perfect time to start getting healthier and in shape for the impending bikini season. Traditional gyms are only as good as your determination so if you need some additional motivation and guidance try Speedflex.

DRUGSTORE HAUL I went on a little mission to find some mauve rose lip products on the highstreet in different finishes. It's a hugely popular shade in the beauty world right now so I wanted to see if many of the brands were on board. I'm impressed with the formulas of the products and can't wait to use them in videos.

NEXT LILAC COAT January is apparently the worst month of the year in terms of people feeling low and having the blues. It's tough going back to work after such a long break but the upside is the lighter sorbet shades that are emerging, which signals the arrival of Spring. This is by far my favourite Season, ok I'm utterly biased as it's I was born in April, but for me, it's like a rebirth, the haunting trees that created menacing shadows now have buds, the cherry blossom blooms and animals that have the capability to stop their own heart beat during winter, start beating once more. Yes I've painted a very dramatic picture that Attenborough would be proud of, but Spring is beautiful.

lost in art In a world with instant internet it's easy for us to get lost within a small screen and, when I thought about it, I realised it really is the strangest thing. You're transported to another destination instantaneously, you see so many images of a girl you don't know by the pool you feel you're there with her, you like a picture of a beautiful sunset and applaud emoji-ly at someones meals.