September 2014

zoe sugg Today I'm very pleased to bring you an interview with the immensely popular and hugely inspiring Zoe aka Zoella. She has over 6,000,000 subscribers on YouTube and an army of followers via social media making her one powerful lady! Her beauty videos and challenges bring in views by the millions, often more than national programmes. Her charming personality and relatable chats have made her one of the biggest online superstars and a successful business woman! Zoe has created an impressive portfolio thus far of brands and celebrities she has worked with but last night celebrated the launch of her own beauty line and BeautySauce wanted to chat to her about it...

jewel candle I love surprises, especially of the jewellery kind, so when I heard that there's a company called Jewel Candle I was intrigued. Hidden inside the candle is a 925 silver piece of jewellery and depending on the candle you select it could be a pair of earrings or a ring. The item is wrapped and sealed in a heat protective foil so as the wax melts you see the foil begin to appear.

september birchbox So today is the last instalment of my big 3 birthday, this is the third and final day of giving back to you guys for reading my blog and leaving such positive comments. Today I have a review of Septembers Birchbox but not only that, the lovely folk at Birchbox HQ have said they will send my winner a Birchbox as a gift, how kind!