It’s officially my due date and I’m reminiscing about how things were when I was heavily pregnant with Andre. He was a little eager and arrived at 38 weeks without any warning. This time I’ve been kept waiting and, as a result have more time to think which, I’m not entirely sure is the best thing!

I have slowed down with most things but the creative side of my mind just won’t stop doing overtime. People keep telling me to just sit and do nothing but it’s just not something I enjoy. I have a few tv series I follow but can’t for the life of me watch daytime tv, it seems to make me feel negative for some reason.

My priority is my family and my health but whilst I’m sat twiddling my thumbs and unable to go far I’ve been brainstorming and planning future content. I always wanted to work for beauty / fashion publications but didn’t go to Uni so trained to become a makeup artist.  When André came along the shoots stopped, however fuelled with the passion to still create I found YouTube which is how I’m doing what I’m doing today.

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My blog has evolved massively during the last few years. It has progressed from just an extension of my videos to becoming something I always wanted but didn’t have the resources to achieve. Moving to London wasn’t a possibility so I decided not so long ago to use everything I do have to make it the best I can and learn as much as possible to make something good, great. I don’t want to mention all the things I don’t have as it throws it into the universe, however what I want to say, is that it’s not the camera that makes the shot, it’s not the brand computer that makes the blog post better, it’s the willingness to improve, maybe change, perhaps go for what you thought was only a dream and make it as much of a reality as possible. It may be slow progress but the key word is progress. You only fail when you quit.

People might not get it at first and even dismiss what you’re trying to achieve but that’s because they don’t know what your end goal is and to be frank it’s no ones business.

Here’s a quote I was told years ago that stuck with me.

“It’s none of your business what people think of you”

And that is that, it’s their opinion, let them deal with it. You got this!

On another note, surround yourself with people and things that make you feel positive and bring happy memories. Mine is particular sweets, places and scents. D&G light blue, with its fruity floral scent will forever remind me of that moment I received a bonus whilst working at a department store. At the time I was studying to become a makeup artist so I was filled with determination and pride. I took that as inspiration and wanted to create a beauty story that the younger me would have loved!

Go for it, you’ve got everything to gain!



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