Are Beauty Bloggers Often Overlooked?

Okay, so before anyone goes hell for leather here, remember, I’m asking the question out of curiosity, I’m not stating this is a matter of fact.

So lets commence…

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to talk about topics in both the beauty industry and blogging community.  Issues that were thought-provoking and provocative even.


Because there’s more to talk about than product reviews and new launches.From advertising to brand marketing and media. I wanted to touch on a variety of things

I wanted to get some opinions on this and hopefully gain an insight into traditional vs new media.

When bloggers first came onto the scene there was most definitely a divide. It was a new career that had seemingly popped up overnight, and people were making good money securing advertising like magazines.

Since then blogging has grown astronomically, the ability to reach an impressive number of people and build loyal following shows the power behind the solo entrepreneur.

From my position as a blogger and someone who respects and values magazines I still question a few things:

Whilst there’s been many collaborations between magazine and bloggers I can’t help but notice the lack of beauty (only, or mostly) bloggers that are chosen for features, panels and events.

Please note that I didn’t state there were none, there’s often very few.

I find myself questioning why is it that they’ve used a fashion or lifestyle blogger who may post about a beauty product bi-anually, is featured in a beauty article or on a beauty panel. This is absolutely not to say they don’t deserve to be there, but I can’t help but wonder why this doesn’t work similarly the other way around?

The only time I see the relevance and a strong ratio of beauty bloggers to beauty activity is when it’s an actual beauty convention. They source people who are well known, skilled and respected in that area -whether it’s makeup, hair or skincare. So why is it a little different when it comes to magazines?

I have read quite a few theories as to why people think this is (in past twitter rants) but I don’t want to make assumptions here.

I think beauty bloggers have huge amounts of influence and knowledge to bring to the table, yet some of the top influencers are often overlooked for mainly fashion or lifestyle content creators, which is a shame.

There’s a great opportunity for new and traditional media to grow together, in fact it would make great sense to do so, but for whatever reason at the moment it seems beauty bloggers aren’t taken quite as seriously as their peers.

Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’d love to get your thoughts on this topic. There’s no bad blood so lets keep this insightful and upbeat.