Bassbuds Review – Fashion Collection

bassbuds dynamic

Headphones have fast become one of my everyday essentials, between long distance travelling and going to the gym they’re getting a lot of wear.

A good pair is essential, it’s the difference between enjoying the sound of your own music or, being able to hear someone elses over your tinny weak tunes.

I been trying out the new fashion collection from Bassbuds in the Dynamic* design. The first trial was a test in the gym, the sounds quality was crisp, balanced and reached a high level. So much so that I couldn’t hear the music they were playing in-house (a first!)

Sound was paramount for me but there’s some great advantages in the design too, the cable is a smooth plastic and doesn’t tangle like the rubber kind. The controller is simple to use with a raised button that is pressed to answer and end calls or play/pause and skip tracks, when listening to music.

bassbuds dynamic

Another great addition is the range of ear buds that come with each headphone kit. There’s a variety of sizes to fit different ear sizes, there’s a selection of colours and even a set of memory foam for extra comfort and handy for narrow ear canals.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]High performance in-ear headphones; beautifully designed and made from precision cut aluminium and SWAROVSKI Elements crystal for a stunning, premium finish.[/quote]

I was impressed by the quality and simple but effective design, they’re cheaper than a lot I’ve searched for online so at £44.95 I’d say they were very reasonably priced.If you’re looking for slightly cheaper ones they do a classic range, or if you’re after something a little more special they do a 24k gold collection.

Another great point is they’re compatible with all smart phones!

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