Brand New: The Offiongs


So if you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been talking about something new happening, well, last night I revealed it was the beginning of me and my family on YouTube. We have launched a brand new channel called The Offiongs which will feature challenges, cooking,¬†games, fitness, health and more. We thought about vlogs but 1) I’m terrible at it 2) There’s already amazing channels out there and we wouldn’t be able to do it daily. Plus Andre is at school so me and Rich just work during the day. We’re not that exciting. Ha.

The first edition is BEAN BOOZLED the disgusting Jelly Belly game where you select¬†a coloured jelly bean and can either choose and nice flavour or rancid, the problem is you just can’t tell which will be which! Horrendous. Let me tell you, the rotten egg, oooooooeeeeeee.

Watch below and don’t forget to subscribe and comment on what other videos you’d like to see,

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