Review: A Week With SoulMateFood


So I recently had a taster of the life as Victoria Beckham, ok lies. I did however have all my meals cooked and prepared for me by a chef, from a company Victoria herself has used, not to mention team GB!

SoulMateFood is a gourmet food delivery service that creates a menu suited to your goals whether that be weightless, balance or training. They cater to your dietary requirements and customise every meal and snacks to you.

How it works

1//You pick a menu best suited to you
2//You liase with the guys over there and explain your goals etc and any allergies or food requirements
3//They create the dishes
4//It gets delivered to you
They send food deliveries twice per week in a polystyrene box containing all your meals for 3 days surrounded by cool packs
Notifications are sent out to let you know what day and time they’ll arrive



When you open the box you will have a card explaining what food is for the 3 days and what they have created for each day with snacks included.

//AM snack
//PM snack

Each label on the container explains the day, meal and how to heat, if it requires heating up,the same again with the second delivery so on.


 The Video

I explain any weightless or weight gain whilst on the plan in this video!

My thoughts

I was very impressed with the company from the outset, they asked me about my diet and I said I didn’t want to lose weight and I’m not training hard so need a balance to maintain my weight, my thoughts were to just eat very well for the week to try rid myself of the uncomfortable bloat I’d had.


I explained I don’t eat meat and don’t like salmon so they worked around that and we had a few emails back and forth to discuss the right plan for me. The delivery was impressive, very quick and arrived exactly when they said they would BOTH times. The only thing is on the first delivery I thought it would be for the Wednesday Thurs, Fri so ate my breakfast however when they arrived at 9;30 the meals were to start from Tuesday so I missed the breakfast part. I think this was more my fault as I hadn’t read the email properly.

The meals were simply gorgeous, I was content without feeling full and bloated, and for the ENTIRE week did NOT use salt, I forgot to mention that in my video but that really did make a difference. The snack pots were tasty and very convenient and as the breakfasts were filling but in a perfect sized portion I had more concentration through the day and sometimes didn’t even eat my AM snack before lunch, (I did eat it later though)


Price wise, well it is pricey for most. I couldn’t afford to do this on a whim, my week was £180 but I would certainly do this before getting married or a lovely holiday because I felt great and it set me up for eating better afterwards. I looked at it as buying dinner at work for 6 days was close to £8 sometimes £10 if I was going to Starbucks. That’s just one meal per day costing up to £60 per week with the odd snack, and lets face it nothing in Starbucks is exactly healthy. Then if I ate out that would be another £20-£30 for one meal alone. So if I was to spend a huge amount of money on a wedding and taking time to go to the gym I ‘d spend a little extra to feel my best.

Again this is not something I could do normally but special occasions yes I’d see it as a mega treat. check them out and see if it’s for you. I have some discount codes if you want to give it a try!

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