Video: How To Apply Liquid Blush

I have a brand new makeup series on my YouTube Channel being uploaded daily. This first is how to apply liquid blush (view below) This is probably one of the harder blush mediums to use amongst the blush-phobes it can look patchy, streaky and very bright if the wrong tool is used or too much applied.

I have a list of some of my faves, the By Terry is another great one but has more of a highlighting effect so looks fabulous on dull skin that needs a lift. I will do a video using this blush as I had forgot to add it to my video.

Products Used

Daniel Sandler water colour in charm
Benefit posie tint
George cheeky tint
Becca beach tint
Joe cheek tint in berry
Primark blush
Jemma kid lip and cheek tint in 01 and 02
Jelly Pong Pong jelly flush