Video: Bridal Makeup – Bronzed Peach

August and September are really busy months when it comes to bridal makeup, it’s the time of year everyone hopes we have the best of the sun in the UK so usually weddings are booked up years in advance during this time.
This popular event coupled with the many bridal requests prompted me to create a soft but defined bridal look to suit any one of any colour. All you have to do is adjust the tone of the products to suit your skin. Bridal looks are very personal, I always look at the person with their usual makeup on to get an idea of their style them go on to ask them about the dress, bridemaid dress colours and build a picture from there. If a person always wears a red lip in everyday life then it’s only right to have it on their wedding day. I would never suggest completely changing someone’s look unless they asked me to as you don’t want to look back at pictures and think “that’s not me :(” )

The trial is needed to determine the skin type, advise any treatments and decide on colours. This is the chance to play and create the perfect look.

The video I filmed shows you how to create a soft but defined Summer bridal makeup.

Products Used

No7 Matte Primer

MAC C1 and N3 face and body foundation
Makeup Atelier FLWA1 concealer
Laura Mercier Camauflage no.2
NARS Primer
MAC eyeshadows –
amber lights
Nars Mekong eyeshadow
Corner lashes
Laura Mercier Pale pink
Benefit eye bright
Daniel Sandler Slim and Shape effect
Laura Mercier Fresh peach
Daniel Sandler soft peach cream blush on lips
MAC clear gloss

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