Timotei Organic Haircare

BEAUTY | HAIR – The Unsung Brand.

This year has been a bit of a lifestyle change for me, I joined the gym, became a vegetarian, scrutinised my diet for the unacceptable amounts of sugar and delved into the world of organic, gathering information about food, skincare and makeup. I didn’t realise there was much in the way of organic for haircare – that was very accessible anyway.

Timotei is a brand I’ve been familiar with for years but like many other of these childhood brands (who remembers Charlie?) I passed them by for something more current and most probably a product that has been pushed in my face subconsciously. This shopping trip was different, firstly I was ALONE. This is a rarity as I usually have a grumpy kid hanging from my leg saying he wants to go…then there’s my 4-year-old chanting the same.

Having alone time in the isles of beauty is bliss, I looked, I touched, I smelt. There it was, bottom shelf almost disregarded. I initially went in looking for a L’Oreal one but couldn’t see it so as my eyes scanned the bottles it lingered on ORGANIC. Huh Timotei Organic Haircare?
I picked up the shampoo and conditioner which smelt heavenly and decided to give them a chance, the worst that could happen is that it doesn’t clean thoroughly I thought.

Quite the contrary dear reader, in fact it cleans efficiently. Granted it requires more shampoo and doesn’t lather your head off but with enough massaging it gets hair clean. The conditioner is a little thinner in texture to others but my hair has not felt dry once since using it. Usually my hair feels silky whilst wet after using conditioner but didn’t with this however it was perfectly smooth and soft once dried.

Searing the internet I came across this from Uniliver
In 2012, we went one step further, unveiling Timotei Organic Delight. Free from parabens, silicones, colourants and sulphates, it contains 100% natural fragrances and 99% natural ingredients. Up to 15% of the ingredients are from certified organic farms.

There’s no better way to bring out your hair’s natural beauty, than with natural products.”

This is great news for drugstore shoppers, now you can find these products on your doorstep!

I purchased these from £3.49 at Boots