The Millionaire Dropout

‘The Millionaire Dropout’ is a New York Times best seller by author and self-made multi millionaire Vince Stanzione. Vince became focused at a young age when he started his first software business at just 11 years old. He left school with few qualifications however managed to secure himself a job in the FX trading room of Natwest bank.

As with all successful people he had ups and downs, the latter being when he lost all his savings and his job in the 1987 stock market crash so set up his own company in 1989 which he then sold for £1.3 million 2 years later – I like this guy!

His book covers areas from the basics – getting into the zone of discovering what you want in life to reprogramming your mind for success and making the best decisions. This book helps you reignite that fire of excitement for achieving all the things you dreamt about as a child and gives you the sharp elbow into acting now. Vince gives advice on dressing for success, exercise, relationships and more so he gives pearls of wisdom to give you a better quality of life in all areas not just business. If you don’t look or feel comfortable you won’t portray confidence will you?

Build a better you!

Thw Millionaire Dropout – Fire Your Boss. Do What You Love. Reclaim Your Life! by Vince Stanzione is out now priced £12.99 published by Wiley.