Fake Don’t Bake

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The sun has pulled his finger and his hat out and blessed us with it’s glorious presence but let’s not forget that the sun can be a dangerous force. I think the mixture of un-predictable weather and the panic to get out before the sun goes back in leads many to forget to get sunscreen on.

I’m not going to judge here, I was the one you would see lying outside from the crack of dawn until sun set in the hope of catching a tan until I had a FRECKLE not a mole a freckle taken from my leg for testing as it had changed and felt itchy. Thankfully it was fine but they must of thought it looked nasty as I was seen by the doctor on the Friday and in Hospital on the Monday. I have quite a wide scar on my leg now as a reminder and wanted to make sure no matter your skin colour you guys are checking moles and freckles constantly.

Because of this scare I haven’t been on a sunbed or bathed in the sun for almost 6 years. I’ve embraced the paler skin but mastered the art of fake tanning when necessary. I do like to sit in the sun (with block on) for a little bit as I think the body needs a good dose of Vitamin D but like many I prefer to have a bit of a glow before hand if I’m baring some skin.

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I have tried a number of tans and can say I prefer the mousse version as I get a more even tan but it’s definitely a case of trial and error. I first used the Lauren’s Way tanning mousse back in 2010 I believe and was very impressed with it then. The brand of choice before hand was St Tropez or Fake Bake but this in my opinion is better, lasts longer, is cheaper and a more realistic colour.Check out my instagram for a before and after pic!

Top Tips

  • Shave 2 days before, skin is less sensitised then.
  • Make sure you cleanse before applying tan to remove deodrant and perfume or you may go green!
  • Exfoliate the night before and pay attention to the dry spots like elbows and knees
  • Moisturise with an oil free moituriser, I apply more on the knees and elbows etc
  • Start from the bottom – no this isn’t a Drake song, I just find you get less patches doing it this way
  • Moisturise every day after the tan is applied and exfoliate every 2 days to keep it even.