On Trial: Correct and Grow!

This week a couple of goodies landed on the BeautySauce desk, I will be trialling the new No7 dark spot corrector and the Rapid Brow Eyebrow enhancing serum. I have taken images of my eyebrows and the dark spot on my cheek as they are right  now so when I check back in 4 weeks or so you can see if there has been any noticeable change.

A brief description –

No7 Lift and Luminate Dark Spot Corrector is a new product that they have developed to fade dark spots within 3 months. It’s a serum/gel formula and is applied with the roller ball at the end of the tube. I can’t believe I have a dark spot on my cheek, I haven’t been on a sunbed or sunbathed in years and last year this popped up. It could be down to all the naughty years of using a sunbed in my youth as they say your skin takes up to 10 years to show the true extent of sun damage.

Rapid Brow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is the sister of Rapid Lash the hugely popular eyelash serum. In 60 days according to studies the clinically proven formula and stimulating peptides condition, restore and repair brows. So if you have weak, sparse uneven brows this  is the one. I wouldn’t expect full on Brooke Shields brows if you have tiny tadpoles though, I have realistic expectations and hope mine will fill out a little in the areas that look a bit bare.

So here’s the pictures before I commence a month’s worth or preening, I will probably check back in after 60 days too.

[nggallery id=151]

You can see I have circled the dark spot on my cheek, it doesn’t look too bad on that pic but on YouTube you will be able to see how clearly noticeable it is. As far as my brows go they have came a very long way to what they were, I’m talking very skinny almost curved eyebrows. This is them after around 5 months of growing only tweezing the blonde ones underneath. They seem to naturally have a good shape which I’m happy about they just have gaps here and there which I’d love to be be filled and also I need to mention that I tinted these 3 days prior to this pic so you may still see some tint on the skin.

So fingers crossed these work for me, if anything it has forced me to up my skincare regime as I’m off to get a good eyecream now to complete my evening ritual. See you in a month!