Review: Lauren’s Way Ice Shimmer Tan

Lauren Goodyear from the Only Way Is Essex has extended her beauty range from tan to lashes, rollers, extensions and more.
I have used her tanning mousse in the past and was very impressed indeed, it wasn’t drying to the skin like others I have used but what I liked most was the natural colour.
This time I’m trialling her newest tan ‘Ice Shimmer’ inspired by her run on ‘Dancing on Ice’ Not only is this a false tanner it also acts as an instant tan that dries quick to a dark finish with light amounts of shimmer.

Immediately I notice the fresh orange scent which I’ve never experienced from a tan before. I was pleased with how well the tan applies, it’s smooth, no streaks or drag and if you miss an area and go over it it doesn’t ruin what you’ve just applied. The scent doesn’t last however, after around 30 mins that ‘tan’ scent emerges but it’s noticeably lighter than other tans.

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What’s different?

With this tan is dries very quickly and with the shimmer it can be used as an instant tan so if you need a shot of colour before you leave the door just whip this on and out you go. Be warned that it is a false tan at the end of the day so if you don’t apply properly you may find when you wash the tan off you notice patches you’ve missed.

How I Use It

I find it’s best used the day after you have shaved and exfoliated, if I plan my tan for Friday night I exfoliate Thursday and moisturise well then on Friday I have a shower to wash any creams, perfumes and deodorants off then apply the tan onto dry un-moisturised skin.
TIP – DON’T shave the same day you apply tan, you will get those tiny spots and tan will sit in open pores.
If I have dry knees I use oil free moisturiser on the knees and elbows before the tan so than it doesn’t stick to the dry areas. I didn’t actually do that with this yet the tan was super even.

I leave mine on overnight and wash off with warm water in the shower the next morning, make sure it’s not hot otherwise it removes the tan. Also make sure you moisturise a lot for an even fade as the days go by.

All in all this is a great tan, after my last experience with Lauren’s Way I didn’t expect anything other than a great experience so this gets 5*

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