Video: Britney Spears Scream and Shout Video makeup

I was back on the music video make-up re-creation trail with this attempt to morph my face into Britney Spears. This was a toughy trying to change physical features into something completely different but hey it’s make-up and it’s fun.

I have never been a lover of wigs, I’ve tried real and synthetic hair and always looked like a deranged mermaid due to the hairline looking so fake…that was until lace front wigs came along. I swear I have never tried such a realistic looking wig before, I’d never even heard of them but after research realised Beyonce, Tyra and Naomi had all fooled me with what I thought was their amazing real hair.

Basically lace fronts have a lace insert at the front of the wig which the hair is attached to so it means the parting can be on any side and it looks like it naturally starts from your own head. The wig has combs inside so it securely clips to your own hair. The excess lace can then be trimmed off. I’ve left mine a little longer than what I would so you can see how it the lace front works. The sides can be taped or glued down but as this is a video I didn’t.

The one I’m wearing is called the Trixie in Golden Wheat from I’m so impressed by how realistic they are.

View the make-up tutorial below, I put my hair in braids so that the wig had something to clip on to and it meant it was braided out the way.

The lashes are the most difficult, mine started coming loose because of lack of glue so make sure if you are using 3 pairs you apply enough adhesive.

Products Used

Ardell lashes 118
Red cherry lashes #66
d.j.v Beautenizer from
Dior 5 couleurs in the navy shade
Laura Mercier secret concealer in 1 mixed with white face paint on brows

Chantecaille Alabaster future skin
Bobbi Brown Porcelain Bisque concealer
Illamasqua Vernau
Nars Larger than Life pencil

Nars Larger than Life pencil
MAC myth lipstick
Collection 2000 powder puff

Thanks to for introducing me these wonderful hair pieces and wigs, I will definitely be doing a tutorial with more. I have a Kim Kardashian/Beyonce long ponytail video in mind.

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