Fashion Purchases from Zara

FASHION | STYLE – Red Hot Heels.

I think as far as hight-street shopping goes Zara has to be at the top of my list, well Reiss is top but Zara is it’s more affordable sister 🙂 I haven’t shopped in ages so decided to treat myself and my son to a few things starting with the most gorgeous pair of red heels. Now these beauties were going to get purchased no matter what because every time I see nice heels in there they either never have my size or have sold out and available on Ebay for an insane price.

I have also been after some more boyfriend jeans, I have a couple of pairs but none that are slimmer on the leg and these seem tighter round the ankle which I like. To be fair I could have shopped all day but stopped at the heels, jeans and a beautiful simple black sweater.

I picked up some jeans, the camo jacket which is adorable on and the cutest pair of navy stud trainers for my son, honestly he looks so sweet I could eat him. No doubt you will find pictures on my Instagram beautysauceuk.