News: Chanel No.5 Campaign With Brad Pitt

NEWS | VIDEO – Brad’s New Campaign Video For Chanel No.5

What do you uys think of the new campaign video for Chanel No.5 with global heart throb Brad Pitt? not sure I’m convinced.

On a positive note Brad fronts the campaign as the first male to be the face of Chanel No.5 fragrance. Go Mr Pitt!

  • JessicaLove

    Ugh, That ad was horrendous. Terrible acting! Maybe Chanel should have stuck with still shots of him, and spared us the wistful, looking-off-into-the distance crap!

    • Carly

      hahaa very true, it’s the awkward now…look to the left. Pause. Look up. Straight to camera annnnd away again action

  • JessicaLove

    Lol. Sooo painful to watch.