Beauty Secrets From Pop Princess Anja

BeautySauce is excited to bring you the beauty secrets of singer Anja, she lets us know her tips on keeping the body healthy, what skincare products to use and even a detox drink!

BIO-Growing up in the Norwegian countryside, the Scandinavian-born songstress was raised far from the pulse of mainstream pop culture. This didn’t stop ANJA from making pop music her life’s passion. Since graduating from the prestigious Paul McCartney School in Liverpool, ANJA has been working hard to make her mark on the international pop music scene.


Gorgeous Anja lets us know how she keeps her skin beautiful and body heathy whilst living a hectic lifestyle,

Quote from Anja – “Mind, body and soul, remember that it all fits under the same umbrella. If all are in balance you will radiate beauty inside out. After I started adding super foods and a lot more fruit and vegetables into my daily diet, switched out all chemical skin products with natural ones, my skin feels incredibly smooth and look a lot healthier.” ANJA

ANJA’s tips for glowing skin:

  • Skin brushing: Once a day I use a skin brush, it can be any type of brush but the best is to use a natural brush or cloth that feels good on the skin. Dry brush your whole body with circular movements, always towards the heart. Once a day is great for your lymphatic system, to remove cellulite and for general well being.
  • Cellulite treatment. Mix a bowl of grounded coffee together with coconut oil and rub it onto your skin in the shower. Rub all your problem areas in circular movements towards the heart. Rinse with alternate hot and cold water to get your lymphatic system moving even more. Steam rooms, snow bathing and saunas are also great to reduce cellulite and have healthy radiant skin.
  • Soaps: switch your soap out with a natural soap from the health store, these are gentler for your skin and will not dry your skin out.
  • Facial cleanser: Honey and natural yoghurt mixed with grounded almonds, makes a great facial cleanser/scrub.
  • Facial masks: Moroccan clay for face body and hair care. Natural mineral clay. Cleanses by gently absorbing impurities and excess oil/ Great for sensitive or allergenic skin. Skin will feel tighter and younger.
  • Facial toner: I use distilled water mixed with a few drops of raw organic apple cider vinegar. Apple cider has many good benefits; it is ph balancing and cleanses the skin. You can also add a few drops of lemon or use the vitamin c boost after toning.

Vitamin C boost:

1 teaspoon Lemon juice

1-teaspoon aloevera juice

1-teaspoon natural vitamin c powder

Mixed all the ingredients into purified water and put onto a spray container. Spray this onto your face and feel your facial tone improve and your skin feels healthier and happier.

  •  Facial moisturiser: I use the pure natural organic Argan oil. This oil is fantastic. It has anti aging effects and is full of vitamin E.
  • Skin moisturisers: I use natural raw shea butter or organic virgin coconut oil for full body moisturiser
  •  Hair: Hairmask, I use coconut oil and leave it in overnight then rinse with a gentle natural shampoo. Coconut oil or shea butter are both great to use for hair masks.
  • Hairfood: Mash one banana mixed with 1 egg (for protein) and add about a spoon of honey. Put this in your hear and cover your hair with foil and a hot towel. Leave this in for about 30 minutes or longer then rinse. Your hair will feel soft and shiny!
  • Scalp: I use Argan oil or teatree oil for scalp treatment. Massage it into your scalp. It works really well.

Other beauty tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated! If you have dark circles under your eyes or if your pee is dark yellow (sorry for the details!) it’s a sign you are not drinking enough.
  • Get enough rest and if you have a stressful life, take at least half an hour a day where you can meditate and focus breathing and mind, body, soul awareness.
  •  Detox – Every morning for about a week:

Detox cleanse drink:

1 spoon apple cider

Quarter spoon cayenne pepper

One spoon raw aloe vera juice

Purified ice water

Drink through a straw


Today, ANJA’s first two singles “Dance All Nite” and “Baby Don’t Stop Now” are featured in the blockbuster Just Dance 3 video game from Ubisoft. With over 8 million copies of the game already sold, ANJA is determined to get the whole world dancing to her electrifying music!

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