Trend: Statement Necklaces

Q: How to update your wardrobe quickly, cheaply and with impact? A: Make a statement with jewellery!

Statement jewellery is huge for A/W with embellishment being the keyword, collars with large decals and stones seem to be dominating jewellery sections from ASOS to Toshop.

Zara always has great fashion jewellery to transform that LDB or update a plain white shirt. I picked up this collar whilst looking around yesterday!

  • statement jewellery Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen something
    quite different play out on the. We’ve seen something new and refreshing
    emerging – a community of women who encourage and inspire rather than create
    competition. Yesterday, throughout the hashtag feed we saw women from all over
    the world uploading beautiful photographs of middle parts and statement pieces.
    Many of the women stated that they were going outside of their preverbal comfort
    zone and trying something new with the middle part. Instead of the “Who Wore It
    Best” mentality, we saw something counter-cultural happening. We’ve got one word
    for that: Inspiring! We are constantly inspired by how girls are taking risks and
    confidently trying.