New: Anastasia Lash Genius

Celebrity brow expert Anastasia Soare has tamed and transformed some of the biggest names in film and showbiz making her the go-to lady for getting the perfect eyebrows. Along with some of her most popular staples Anastasia has created a fantastic product which makes any mascara waterproof. You may have a mascara you love and long to wear on holiday but find it smears or runs within minutes of coming into contact with the heat and humidity and don’t even try the pool!

Lash Genius is just that, the genius waterproof masacara is a colourless topcoat that is hypoallergenic, doesn’t dry or harden lashes and makes any mascara waterproof of course. If you are going to use this for your kit I would advise using disposable mascara wands and not the wand provided. I get mine at Love Make-up


Price $21 at Sephora
£14 at Cult Beauty

Make sure your false lashes are given extra protection by applying your false lashes and a lick mascara to your natural lashes holding them together. Then once dried apply Lash Genius to make the mascara waterproof and give extra hold to the false lashes!

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