Illamasqua Sex Eyeshadow Review

Illamasqua Sex is a pure white matte eyeshadow, surprisingly you don’t see many of these but they’re great kit essentials. It contains a lot of pigment and works well for the pastel look as you can make colours look a little lighter if you mix them with this.

Colour Payoff– Not too shabby for a white, it is buildable to make it more opaque
Longevity– I couldn’t really tell as I don’t use it as a block colour but due to it’s soft matte texture I noticed it does fade a little.
Texture– Soft and slightly chalky but that isn’t a bad thing!
Finish– Matte
Price– £15.50

Check out the live swatches of the products on Illamasqua’s new website they’re awesome!

  • Violet

    Looks like a dupe for Sugarpill’s Tako! I have Tako, I think it may be a little more opaque than this actually. I use it every day, by far my most used eyeshadow. Matte whites are a must! 🙂

  • I love my white eye shadow! I use it quite a bit!