DIY Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day doesn’t have to be expensive, it a day to express your thanks to your mother for all the years of support, love and care.

I like to make cards because basically they are bespoke and made in mind of one person, I also like that it doesn’t just have to be Mum, Mother but can be Mam, Foster Mum, even Grandmother.

Mine took around 20 minutes, I used various pieces of square card, diamantes, ribbon bows, glitter, elastic and beads. For the raised star I used a small button underneath as I didn’t have any foam squares. This must of cost around 20p to make and with the delicious cupcakes I’m going to make it will look super cute.

Here’s how it looks

The beads move along the elastic so it makes a little bit of a feature. To make the small holes use a safety pin either end of the card and tie inside. The knots can be covered with card if you wish.

Do you make your own gifts?