Video: Fashion Week Glossy Skin Trend


Today the two are combined as I created this glossy skin tutorial based on the Sporty Skin make-up seen at the S/S shows but it looks as though it is carrying on into A/W, not that beautiful highlighted skin will ever not look good whatever season!

This is a look I pretty much do daily but I have exaggerated it a little more for the tutorial keeping in line with the show looks but still keeping it wearable. I’ve never been a fan of heavy make-up with lots of powder products, I prefer sheer skin that looks like I’m super hydrated and have had a great sleep. Cream products go hand in hand here as they give more of a dewy texture on the skin.

My look

Image Credit – Lower image, Val Garland via Twitter

Skin looks better if it has been prepped well, I exfoliate regularly. This removes dull dry skin and smoothes the surface, I makes sure I use a serum under my moisturisers each morning and night for added protection and hydration.

Here is how the to do the look.

Products Used

Mally Primer
MAC strobe cream
MAC Lustre Drops in pink rebel
MAC Face and Body foundation N3
MAC cream colour base in Pearl and Hush

Prestige Lipliner in Silk
MAC clear creme gloss


Smashbox Smashing Intern

I’m not sure Val would have used Stobe cream as the look she created is quite pigmented however you can create a similar look as I have shown that is a little more wearble.

  • Lisa

    Hi! I really appreciate this tutorial since my skin is a bit dry and dull. I think that focusing on the skin is the most imporant part for me within the subject of make up. The point is that I am an poor student which cannot afford to buy all these products at the same time.(even though that would be really nice, ohmy.)

    So.. I practically just have a good foundation at the moment. If you would have to reduce the amount of used products to two, except the foundation, then which are the most important ones to get this wonderful bright skin?

    Sorry for the long comment, and thank you for a wonderful site!

    • Carly

      Hi Lisa

      Thnak you very much for the compliment on the site, I would say an illuminator and highlighter are what I use most to get this look, if you only get one I would get the cream colour base in either pearl, luna or hush depending on your skintone. Hope it helps xx