Video: Smoky Blue With Shimmer

MAKE-UP TUTORIALS – Smoke Those Blues.

I remember a time when I was told don’t put blue eyeshadow on blue eyes…what utter balderdash! As with anything certain shades accentuate, compliment or mute other colours but ultimately make-up is about having fun and having the freedom of being experimental be it with colours, textures or techniques.

The gallery

You can see that blue eyes can still look nice surrounded by blue pigments and if anything it changes the eye colour a little, my eyes are grey/blue so against the blue they look more grey. If they were blue with a touch of green the green would be more prominent.

Watch the tutorial to see how I did it

Products Used

Shiseido black shimmering cream eyeshadow
MAC Navy pigment
Illamasqua Android pigment
Illamasqua Hollow cream eyeshadow
Avon Gel shock liner
NYC Mascara

Collection 200 cream puff lipgloss in Cotton Candy

Mymix foundation in Fair 3 Medium 1
YoungBlood Hi Def powder
Illamasqua pigment in Breathe
Beauty UK lipstick in In the Buff.

  • Juana

    Hi Carly I wanted to know where you purchased your jewelry in this video. I love the ear cuff and would like to wear one for my birthday. I love u

    • Carly

      Hi,it’s from Topshop xx