Graffiti Eyes Giveaway

COMPETITIONS-Get Arty With Make-up

Hi all, after what seems like a non stop few weeks I am finally holding the graffiti contest I have been talking about with Shiv from Letzmakeup. I met her through a contest years ago on YouTube and we have stayed YouTube friends since, she is hugely talented and I hope next time im in Ireland I can actually meet her!

I have held a few giveaways as I like to be able to inlcude you all but I thought it was time for for us to get out our paint box and get arty. After all the face is a canvas!

Now I know graffiti is a tough subject but it allows you to be free and think of new ideas. I created about 3 face charts non of which I liked and ended up just going for it free handed and organic. These colours are what I have based my blog on and what my studio will look like ( a personal goal )

The Gallery

The Terms of the contest.

1.You must be a subscriber to both my channel Glitterdollz7 and Letzmakeup

2.Open 12th February until 26th February 2012

3.Under 16 must have parental permission as we will need your postal address if you win.

4.Open Worldwide

5.Must be your own work and be a new video, don’t use someone elses or a video you previously made as YouTube is a small place and if it is made known you will be disqualified sadly and it’s only fair to the other entrants.

6.No longer than 4 minutes, no tutorials please. By all means create and upload a video for your channel but we just need to see pics of the look.

7.Only 2 winners will be chosen

8.Please enter as a video response to either my channel or Letzmakeup.

Have fun good luck xx

  • Juana

    Carly you inspire me everyday. I love that your a very stylish mom, but I would like you to do a video more in depth about your personal life. How about a husband tag? I would like to see your little boy. He must be so big and in school already. It’s totally up to you but I would love to see that side of you <3

  • Violet

    This is such a cool thing for me, you have no idea. I’ve been a subscriber to both you and Shiv’s (yours a little longer, actually) channels for a couple of years now! Huge fan of the both. I like that now that you’re doing something together it’s something completely out the box like this! Love the whole concept, and the execution of it. Both your looks are graffiti, but still so incredibly different. Really shows that you can do things from both ends of the specter.

    I currently have the flu and a throat infection, so I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to enter, but I’d love to!

    • Carly

      Get well soon honey! hope to see your look, can’t wait xxx

  • this looks like so much fun…im trying to find something that catches my eye for inspiration..i really wanna enter this..after all makeup is for self expression…thanks to u and LetzMakeup gor this…xoxoxo

    • Carly

      No problem, can’t wait to see xx

  • Aline

    Hi Carly! I’m really sorry if this question is a total time waster but I just want to make sure – Can I just send you a bunch of pictures of my finished look holding my youtube username up instead of having to upload a video? I have never made a video & I’d really like to enter so I just want to make sure I dont go into all the trouble of making an entry & then being refused… Thanks for your help & this great opportunity 🙂 x

    • Carly

      Hi, your not a time waster at all. Unfortunately the rules have to be adhered to so I can’t accept pics as it wouldn’t be fair to those who have already made one. You can create a 1 min video using pictures though, it doesn’t need to be fancy or anything xx