Video: Katharine Hepburn Makeup

Katharine Hepburn was a stunning actress who started out successfully in the 1930s. What I liked about her is that even thought she was surrounded by many of the equally beautiful Hollywood Icons we still adore to this day she did not conform to the sexualisation of her appearance by wearing lots of make-up and colouring her hair. However because of this she was turned away for roles in some movies for her lack of sex appeal.

If you read about her life you will see the years of knock backs and bad press she received but also see the admirable revival of her career through her fierce need to be independent. She had humour but also arrogance and didn’t feel the need to be loved or have a flurry of fans. She was herself whether people liked her or not.

I chose to re-create something similar because I want to show that we don’t need layers or foundation and bronzer or multiple pairs of lashes to look attractive. I’d like to think that we can go more natural on the make-up but still appear attractive. I’ve had the terrible skin so I know how it feels to lose confidence and not want to got to school or work but using the right products will definitely help. Try playing up the areas you love the most, in Katharine’s case she had beautiful eyes so placed some lashes just on the outer corner to give the illusion of a seductive look.

Take a look at the gallery below to see how it looks

The Gallery

You can see how natural the eyes look making this wearable for all ages, for darker skin colours try MAC ricepaper. It’s very soft and leaves a subtle glow on the skin. The lipstick looks a little more pink in the video but it is in fact quite red, you get a better look in the 2nd pic.

Watch the tutorial

Products Used

MAC Evening Aura
MAC Omega
Jemma Kidd i-sculpt in 2 Carnaby St
Chanel Inimitable mascara
Cut lashes

Maxfactor Rush lipliner
BeautyUk Innocent lipstick

Mally Primer
Sheer Cover mineral foundtion in Latte
BeautyUk blush in 4

I will be writing a review on the Mally primer, I’ve never really been a primer person so purchased this from QVC to see if it was as good as what is said. So far it has looked great on mine and my mother’s skin. I’m normal/combination and she is normal/dry. I want to do a few more tests before reviewing thoroughly.

Thank you for watching.