A Romantic Setting For Valentines

HOMEWEAR – Pretty In Pink.

It’s only been a few weeks since we spent a fortune at Christmas and now Valentines is round the corner which means prices are hideously high for decent flowers and going out to dine can mean waiting for a table. My solution is relatively cheap and cheerful and if you hate the thought of cooking get someone else to (Take-out for example)

I bought the majority of the table wear from Ikea and the vase from TKMaxx.

View the gallery below to see how it can look.


I would have liked a table runner and napkins with cute napkin rings but didn’t have any when I took the pictures.

Where to shop

Heart shape vase – TKMaxx
Flowers – Tesco (believe it or not)
Pink wine glasses – Ikea
Glass bottles – Ikea
Flowers – Ikea
Plates and bowls – Ikea
Candle holders – Next Home

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