News: Kylie Goes Brunette

What do you think of Kylie’s recent colour change? It’s not going to effect our lives one bit but I thought it would be a fun little post on this sunny Thursday.

We all know the queen of pop (that may be debatable) has had a little help but there’s no denying she looks amazing! P.S I’m kinda loving that gentleman’s coat in the background.

What’s your thoughts?

  • tsunimee/liloo

    kylie looks absolutely stunning! i love the subtle red highlights she has on the photo. need to save it on my phone and show it to the hairdresser! your post is favorited ^_^ xx

    • Carly

      Oh you would look lovely with that hair xx

  • JessicaLove

    She looks gorgeous as a brunette! Love it!

    • Carly

      me too x

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