The Dupes: Mac VS BeautyUK Pink Lipsticks

This is a fun little feature for you guys, can you tell which brand is which? I’ve chosen 2 products that look very similar. They may not be exact dupes but they are a close match, which will you choose?

Today I have two warm pinks one is £3.49 one is £13.50.


Did you work out which was the MAC lipstick?

Take a look

A= M.A.C – Fanfare

B= Beautyuk – In the Buff

  • Best Foundation For Dry Skin

    I think the left one is more expensive

  • Violet

    I’m not much of a brand whore, I usually let things like quality, quantity, price and the ease of which I can get hold of it come before the name attached to it. As a student on a budget, it’s crucial to be smart about where I throw my money, haha. 🙂 I actually placed my very first order with Illamasqua the other day. Phew, not cheap! The British currency is pretty steep right now, so it’s not that smart of me ordering from the UK.

  • I actually much prefer the slightly brighter look of the BeautyUK one! 🙂