Video: Halloween Makeup – Karl(y) Largerfeld

The traditional outfits for Halloween are scary and gruesome with zombies, witches, and vampires being the most popular.As time has gone by these looks have become less desirable and totally irrelevant characters are worn instead such as Scooby Doo, Nuns, Angels etc and for some reason the last few years has become more revealing so Sexy Cats, Nurses etc are being worn instead.

The reason for this I believe is that girls don’t want to make themselves look like an ugly witch, they would much rather be an attractive air hostess or Disney character. It’s not really Halloween but I guess it’s fancy dress?

I thought it would be fun to dress as a man, but not just any man… THE Karl Largerfeld. He’s a hugely iconic character and it’s something a little different!

It took about 20mins max to do and the effect it brilliant…see the pictures in the gallery below.

The Gallery


The Video


The Products

White spray for the hair, comb or bristle brush, hair tie.

What would you dress as?